My Love Affair With Thor

I admit it, Thor: The Dark World has totally captured me.

It’s been playing on cable nonstop this month and I’ve been tuning in whenever I see its listing (like right now, came in on the moment when Jane gets zapped by the Aether). Not to mention the two weeks I had it on the DVR. Along with Red 2.

I’d like to shoutout to Rene Russo for her work in this one. I met her years ago on location on Outbreak at the Queen of Angeles Hospital where apparently she was born (so was her co-star Dustin Hoffman). She wanted to check-out other floors at the de-commissioned hospital. Did you know she remembers her birth?

Anyway, a shoutout to her stunt work with the sword fight. Niiiccceee!

Of the other things, I pretty much crack-up every time with the escape scene in the Dark Elves stolen ship…. “I think you missed a column.”

“Thank you for the commentary, Loki, it’s not at all distracting.”

Tim certainly had fun with his character.

Just a really great film.