Leonard Nimoy

Foggy memories of childhood…

So determined to watch Star Trek that I watched it without being able to see it – I didn’t have my glasses. I kept creeping up to the television and being called back because it would hurt my eyes. How could it hurt my eyes when I couldn’t SEE the damn thing? (Yes, even at that young age, I was blind as a bat.)

To this day, I don’t even know what was that episode.

Another real memory of watching Star Trek was the teaser for the next week’s episode, “Witch! Witch! They’ll burn ya.”

Any other memory could be false because once NBC cancelled Star Trek, it immediately was picked-up in syndication by channel 13 in Los Angeles. And, I watched it straight through probably for 20 years. Even during the time that – gasp – 13 stopped airing it for a couple of years. Channel 8 in San Diego was playing it and we could Just barely get the signal! Star Trek, uninterrupted!

By now everyone has heard that Leonard Nimoy passed away early Friday morning, February 27, 2015, a victim of COPD. At the young age of 83.

I was so in shock, I didn’t want to think about his death.

Adding to the surrealness of the morning was what I was doing – I was in “The Waiting Room” online, hoping that I would be able to register a guest and buy a friend a pass for San Diego Comic Con.

I followed the Twitter feed about Nimoy while waiting and almost missed my window – the screen had changed and I wasn’t paying attention. By some miracle, I was able to get what I wanted mere seconds before the message went out that all free guest passes were gone.

Normally, I would have been doing my happy dance…but Nimoy was dead. How could I possibly celebrate?

Nimoy, Shatner, Kelley and all of Star Trek have been such a part of my formative years…and, admittedly, well into my later years… Friendships being forged and severed as the years passed based on the lore…

But, Nimoy was always there.

And, now he isn’t and the world cried a little bit in his passing.

He was only a man but so much more and touched So, so many lives. But, he did know that. He even foreshadowed to all what was to come, all too soon, in his last Tweet.

Leonard Nimoy Final Tweet

He will be missed but will live always in our memories.