Friday’s Child is Full of Woe

Remember that ol’ nursery rhyme? It always resonated with me because… I was born on a Friday. And, yes, today is my birthday. Happy birthday me.

Not doing anything special until Sunday. Late lunch with family then going out to the Uncabaret in downtown Los Angeles. In years past we’d celebrate my birthday on Father’s Day since Sunday was a good day for all of us to gather. Dad’s been gone for two Father’s Days so we’ve managed to avoid that bullet. But, soon my day will fall on Father’s Day as it does every 7 years. I might just avoid it by doing something on Saturday. Dad’s death is a sore subject in this household since he should never have died, Big malpractice. But, that’s another story.

Did I mention that I always loved that title of that Star Trek episode, “Friday’s Child.” Just sayin’