Great Birthday Me!

Sunday was great!

My sis made steak on the grill with some really tasty veggies. Yum!

We watched The Avengers on their home entertainment theater. Gosh it so pays to have a bro-in-law who is a nerd, not just a “guy.” I swear their tv is 5ft across. And, the sound is total surround. I can never get enough Avengers movie.

Uncabaret was fantastic, too. The comedians were Rebecca Corry, Erin Foley, Emily Heller, Kyle Martin, Karen Kilgariff & Chris Woods. Yes, comedy ensued!

You all should follow @uncabaret on Twitter and get over to downtown LA at First & Hope on Sundays. They always have a great line-up. Parking is only $9, for downtown LA that’s unheard of!

Next up for me is working on the short story that starts my anthology.

Work, work, work!