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What A Fine Mess

Remember when I “read” The Hobbit?

I’ve finally seen the second movie.


This second act is even less based on a true story. They weren’t chased into the cabin by a great beast. We’re missing the really long trek through the forest where they run into the wood elves several times. Added that whole section of Gandolf’s adventures. There are… No Orcs. No Orlando Bloom. No love interest. No healing magic. No hiding on the boat. No dwarf left behind. No fighting Smaug. Not one bit of fighting Smaug.

Lots of noes.

In fact, the scene where our little burglar meets the terrible dragon was much better in the book. Yes, you heard me right, I like that section in the book. Of course, I could just be remembering with fondness that part of the animated movie which was word-for-word from the book.

Anywho, the movie was definitely a different tone from the first – dark, dangerous… and a little bit of romance.

I’m finding I’m not inclined to rewatch it as it plays on cable, certainly not like I do the first. Oh, look, An Unexpected Journey is on. *Click* Cool, it’s the part of the Thunder Battle. (I love that part with the giants fighting. Really, though, in the book, they were just playing games, not fighting.)

Now, the armies are assembling and a Great Battle is coming. We shall see who lives and who dies. ( No, really. The book is very specific on who dies but it’s anyone’s guess for the movie.)