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Based On An Untrue Story

Finally finished The Hobbit. It really doesn’t pick-up its pace until they get to the icky forest. But that’s relative, like comparing a snail’s pace with a slug’s speed.

And, the book is hardly anything like the movie which I’m watching right now on cable, or rather the first movie.

There is no great city of Rivendale. There are no other wizards to be seen. The Necromancer has been around for awhile which is where Thorin’s father lost his mind in the Necromancer’s dungeons. Where Gandalf found him and acquired the key and the map.

Oh, and there isn’t any big white Orc foe.

And, the Goblins sometimes partnered up with the wolf-things but each lived in their own areas.

Movie is fantastic though, don’t get me wrong! But, it’s like those movies that say, “based on a true story.” Then, if you follow-up on that claim you find the boy was a girl, the flowers where actually newspapers and there the similarities end.


Glad to finally know The Hobbit, the book. And, yes, I have a special edition gold hardcover of the book protected by a gold sleeve. Got that some twenty years ago.

So there!